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Examples and Information

Examples of complex shows.

Please note that although these files are reduced in size and quality for the web they are still quite large and will take a minute or two to load up.

For shows based on the below examples or including the effects etc. then the prices are per the basic show plus an extra 0.50 per slide.

For example a show with 100 photographs  in print format (approx 30 individual slides) would be 80 +15 = Total 95.00



This show can be expanded into a full show or just left short and sent to friends and relatives.




This is quite a long show and is to demonstrate  various effects which can be used in any show.


This opening sequence is great for starting a show which will be shown at a party or in a hall etc. It grabs peoples attention before the main show starts. It can be added to the beginning of any of the shows.

To add this sequence to any basic show add 10


This "Little Ones Show" can be for boys or girls and is great for sending to Grandparents and other relatives.

Another good opening sequence to begin a birthday or other celebration show.

To add this opening sequence to a basic show add 10


This Memorial show is quite complex but can be expanded  to include the persons life story and would normally run for

about 10-12 minutes. Music added as requested.



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